Google update set to change the world of SEO

Google update set to change the world of SEO

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“Nothing’s gonna change my world” – The Beatles.

With rumours surfacing about Google’s scheduled algorithm changes (April 21), John Lennon’s famed lyrics have quite possibly never been more wrong. Google is, in fact, going to change our world – and anyone with a website will likely be affected.

Google is constantly evolving to favour content strategy and functionality above all else, making it harder to ‘cheat’ your way into high SEO rankings. With new guidelines being put in place, mobile-friendly sites will receive preferential treatment from the search engine, which will see many sites experience some major ranking decreases.

Needless to say, now is a great time to talk to your digital provider about staying ahead of this curve.

To ensure your site meets Google’s requirements and is given the most exposure possible,
we recommend talking to our Digital Director, Luke Kelly.

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