Smaller brands do it better?

Smaller brands do it better?

Smaller brands do it better?

Big businesses can learn from smaller companies who are proving that a dedication to digital can provide big returns. HBT Agency’s Luke Kelly spoke to CMO Magazine about the lessons SME’s can teach big business – from getting the basics right, to sophisticated lead generation programmes.


Writes CMO:

‘HBT Agency’s Digital Director, Luke Kelly, agrees smaller companies are more willing to embrace digital from the get-go. “It’s a lower cost entry point and SME’s are able to gain market share through a cost effective means,” he explained. “For brands with a smaller budget, owning a keyword is more accessible than a TVC or outdoor campaign.”

‘In comparison, he notes the biggest challenge for bigger brands is challenging conventional thinking. “It’s difficult to be confident to roll out an innovative marketing campaign when a brands history is so rich.

“Smaller brands do this exceptionally well. Because of this, they enjoy higher returns from digital spend – purely because they know more about their online customer purchasing habits, and target their communications accordingly.

“Online communication, email marketing, digital targeting are just some of the ways brands can make customers feel valued.”

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