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For editing, audio design…. and for just making the hair stand up on the back of your neck, this is really something.

It reminds us of why rock music has been such a phenomenon.
(To be played loud and full screen!)

Has success finally bred mediocrity?

The good news is, Nike has a new “Hero” brand TVC, with (not unexpectedly) the biggest roll call of
sports stars we’ve seen in ages.
The bad news is…hmmmm.
Don’t get us wrong. It’s a decent ad – as long as you don’t go back and compare it with the almost countless great
ads Nike has produced over the years. Here’s the original to remind you:

So, what’s gone wrong? Why do we feel a bit deflated when we’d normally be walking around a good 5cm taller?
Three things. One, Nike has generally used great music. Not this time.
Two – where’s the idea? Here’s a cracking Nike ad that makes the point:

(For those that don’t know him, Yankee Derek Jeter is so well regarded they retired his number when he quit.)
Three, Nike has always been much tougher than this, a bit rebellious. The reason we’ve been huge fans for such a long time is that a company that now sells – what is it, 80% of the sneakers sold in the US? – has somehow managed to keep behaving like a challenger.
Now, the stars are all smiling for the camera and Nike feels like the giant it is, and that’s not a good thing.

There is only one Ross Hannaford.

We’re fans, clearly – that’s why we invited him along to our “House Warming” party. What a groove. It oozes out of him.

Source: Matt shot it and edited too. Thanks.

The king of rock and roll

Nick Cave – no question. Watch this sordid tale of Bea and what happens when you’re a liability.
When Warren Ellis jumps onto the violin, the roof nearly goes off the place.

Video: npr, SXSW