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It’s not about Trump

It’s not about Trump

There’s enough Trump commentary out there already – we don’t need to add to it.
This is about creativity.
Often, the best ideas are completely lateral.
(As in, “Where did that come from?”)
The trick is to recognise them when you see them, and understand the value they can produce.
Then go for it.

Trump’s digital magic… how magic really?

Trump’s digital magic… how magic really?

Cambridge Analytica has been widely credited with getting The Donald over The Line. (By Cambridge Analytica, at least.)
Cambridge is a polling business at the leading edge of data mining and interpretation.
Recent stories described a profile building system based on – amongst other things – Facebook likes.
So incisive, we were told, that with 10 likes they’d know how you were likely to vote, 20 likes they’d know more about you than your partner, and with 30 they’d know more about you than you know about yourself.….or so the story went.
Perhaps there was a bit of salesmanship in there?
This is a very good read nonetheless, about the future of digital profile building.
Even if we’re not quite there yet.
Nike Hates Screens

Nike Hates Screens

We missed this one, but it’s so right on so many levels.
It taps into a big, big truth.
It cuts through because it’s sooooo simple…
It takes a position, and is inspiring as a result.
It cost almost nothing (apart from the exhorbitant fee Nike payed their agency – which was worth it.)
And (P.S.) the execution is perfect: audio, edit….brilliant.

A lateral way to shift smokers’ attitudes

A lateral way to shift smokers’ attitudes

We read that Sweden has the lowest rate of smoking in the world. Only 11% of adults smoke.

(Having said that, roughly 20% of people use snus, which is like chewing tobacco.)
So, a very low smoking rate – maybe because of initiatives like this one.
This is inventive, newsworthy stuff. It will “keep the pressure on” – keep the issue current.
Will it drive further dramatic change? Probably not.
But we think it’s persuasive in a subtler way.
Smokers will enjoy being reminded that they should give up.
…and that makes a nice change.



This is a terrific spot.

It’s a great example of how a constraint in the brief can lead to a great idea. Which is so often the case: it’s a fallacy that the best briefs are wide open, with no limits. Far better to be able to focus your creative energies within a defined area. The constraints often form the bass of the idea itself.
As this spot very ably demonstrates.
All new campaign for a2 Milk Company!

All new campaign for a2 Milk Company!

Our new campaign has just broken. The TV’s on air, outdoor’s up shortly.

We’re proud as punch.

Read all about it – in Campaign Brief!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.43.54 pm

The a2 Milk Company (A2MCA) has stormed the dairy category over the last seven years, defying the ‘milk wars’, growing to almost 10% value share of the white milk category in grocery.

The a2 Milk Company’s Melbourne creative agency, HBT has previously used ‘branded testimonials’ to help build the a2 Milk business, but the time has now come to tell a bigger story with the launch of its new campaign ‘Believe in Better’.

Says Peter Nathan, CEO, A2MCA: “a2 Milk has reached a new stage in its development. HBT’s testimonials have played a big role in getting us to where we are now. Importantly, they helped us to show why we are different to every other milk brand, which is core to our positioning. The next stage in our brand journey is to build on that momentum by enhancing our emotional appeal but continuing to communicate our key point of difference to consumers.

“What we were determined to do was to keep a2 Milk looking different to other milk brands as it has a very different brand story to its competitors.”

The TV spots, outdoor and digital activity that form A2MCA’s new campaign will show the integrity and values of a2 Milk through the lives and values of people, while also communicating the unique features and benefits of the brand. It will also introduce The a2 Milk Company for the first time – the corporate brand and a new strategic step in the development of the business.

Says Nathan: “a2 Milk is the only brand of milk that contains only the A2 type of beta casein protein and no A1 protein. It is a better milk with tangible benefits for many people. More and more people are discovering that they feel better when they switch to a2 Milk because it is totally natural and is the way milk is meant to be. This led us to our new positioning line, ‘Believe In Better’. Millions of people are founded in this belief now, and that’s a big story.”

The TVC will air on Sunday 20 September.

Agency HBT

David Hayes, Michael Berry, Sheridan Devereux and Joanna Raine.

Director: Mick Connelly

Producer: Jackie Adler

Editor and VFX: David Barrett / Famous by Tuesday

Audio: Bang Bang Studios