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Why is the best Qantas ad in years not an ad?

Why is the best Qantas ad in years not an ad?

Have you seen the new Qantas in flight video? If not, here it is.

What a breath of fresh air.

It’s not trying to out-entertain Air NZ (good luck with that!), but it may just be better.

Better as an ad, that is.

If re-establishing Qantas in the minds of jaded locals who’ve been tempted by airlines from all corners of the globe was the objective, it will deliver in spades. It also does a better job of presenting the best that Australia has to offer than any Australian Tourism ad in a long, long time.

Why is that? It’s not an ad. It’s not overtly trying to connect with people the way an ad does. And yet it does.

We think it’s the very fact that it’s not trying that makes it so appealing. Real people, some clunky performances…

And the fact that it was (maybe…) created in an environment where creative people weren’t stressing to create the next masterpiece may just have contributed to them creating something pretty close.

We wouldn’t say we love Qantas again. Not yet. But there was a certain puffiness of chest that suggests it could be on the cards.

What can we learn from this? Well, it’s not easy to take the pressure off important creative projects, but healthy long term agency/client relationships should foster more confidence from the agency, which helps. Also, those retained relationships carry with them an obligation that the agency thinks creatively even when there’s not an active brief on the table, which often results in more spontaneous work. It all points to finding the right long term partner.

The alphabet. By NASA.

The alphabet. By NASA.


They’ve done it again. (Who says we don’t get anything out of the space programme?)

Someone’s combed through all of the photos NASA’s taken of the earth, and found…the alphabet.

Letter by letter.

We’d love to use it in a headline!

Click here to take a closer look.